Winner of Uniqlo's $10,000 Pokémon competition disqualified, Pokemon Sword & Shield will no longer feature user-submitted t-shirt ideas

Well that went downhill quickly

Well this situation ended in the worst way possible. As we mentioned the other day, it seemed that the winner of Uniqlo's $10,000 Pokémon competition may have broken the rules by selling his design on other merch prior to submitting it to the contest. Uniqlo must have came to the same conclusion, as the winner has now been disqualified. Furthermore, none of the t-shirt winners are going to see their designs put into Pokemon Sword & Shield. In other words, one bad apple spoiled the bunch!


The other winners must be tempted to clip him round the ear!

Not sure I'd go so far as to say he was a bad apple, but it is unfortunate.

Wow, I'd be incredibly upset if I had entered this contest. Especially if my shirt was going to make it into the game.

Thu May 23 19 08:48am
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You know... they could've done an image search to "fact check" if these entries were used before. And now it's such a knee jerk reaction to not hold these contests anymore. Such a shame. U_U

Even with that, there's no way you're going to find everything. What they should have done is made it a rule and disqualify anyone who broke it. And they did.

I just think disqualifying everyone else was a bit extreme. Still, maybe they realized that if they didn't, there's a chance the other winners might have started selling their in-game designs online to cash in on the fact that they're in a game. I'd think a contract could make that easy enough to get around though.

Thu May 23 19 09:05pm
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There was no clause in the rule about how they would handle the first place getting disqualified, so they can't do anything. If they went and chose a new "first place", like by used the second place, the third place could technically contest it, because the rule never specified that case, so technically, they would break their own rules.

Next time, they'll probably have a clause about that, because they are losing potential sales...

Accosting to Uniqlo‘s announcement, there were two entries found that were removed from sales. So it might also be a bit of risk mitigation to avoid having others that might just not were found out.

When there's two, their decision seems more understandable now. What stinks is that these two's actions have affected the rest of those who followed the rules. :/


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