Ni no Kuni animated film launches in Japan on Aug. 23rd, 2019, new characters revealed and synopsis shared

Let's hope it gets localized

The upcoming Ni no Kuni animated movie has been given a release date. It will hit theaters in Japan on Aug. 23rd, 2019. This info comes from the movie's official website, as well as a new synopsis, and the reveal of two more characters. Check out that info below.

The calm, cool, and collected, wheelchair-bound Yuu, the popular Haru from the basketball team, and Haru’s girlfriend Kotona are high school students who have been friends since childhood. One day, Yuu and Haru are transported to a magical world parallel to the real world called “Ni no Kuni” after trying to save Kotona, who was suddenly attacked by someone. Ni no Kuni is a world where “another version of oneself” exists, connected to their parallel self. Yuu gradually becomes attracted to the princess of Ni no Kuni, Asya, who is the spitting image of Kotona. However, he is faced with a cruel rule: “In order to save Kotona’s life, Asya’s life must be taken.”

Haru wants to save Kotona. Yuu wants to protect Asya. When it comes to the “ultimate decision,” where the lives of those dear to them hang in the balance, what decision will Yuu and Haru make?

Ojii-san (voiced by Tsuyoshi Muro) – A mysterious old man who goes to the same hospital as Yuu, and who Yuu has known since childhood. He has alwas cheered Yuu up.

King Flounder (voiced by Masatou Ibu) – The King of Evermore in the world of Ni no Kuni where Yuu and Haru wander into.

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