Realm Royale devs talk Switch being in-line with other versions, considering motion controls

A high-quality port

The dev team behind Realm Royale are quite excited about the Switch version, and want to make sure Switch owners know it's the real deal. In an interview with Nintendo Life, the devs point out that the Switch version is the same as all the others when it comes to content.

The Switch version of the game – we don’t even like using the word ‘port’ – is pretty much verbatim what it is on the other platforms. We haven’t really changed anything on the gameplay side. It’s really just about optimisation and making sure that it’s compliant with the high standards that Nintendo has.

One area Switch owners love to see addressed in ports is added motion controls. While Realm Royale doesn't have motion controls yet, the team is considering it.

We do have the capability to do gyro controls – we made them on Paladins. They’re not yet implemented into Realm but it’s something that the team is thinking about. It’s just figuring out where that stands with a lot of the other features that we want to bring to all our platforms, including the Switch, and making the game experience better as a whole. Ultimately our development time so far has been fairly short. We built this game pretty quick and we’re already on the Switch which is absolutely... it amazes me still!

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