Sonic the Hedgehog movie delayed to February 2020

Gotta go slower

The director for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie has taken to Twitter to announce a delay for the film. It's no longer going to see release this year, and instead will be bumped to Feb. 14th, 2019. Looks like the team needs more time to give Sonic his redesign.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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They should really change the director too.

Sonic's going to need a lot of time to recover from all the plastic surgery he's having. Not to mention the orthodontic work. Hopefully the wait will be worth the delay.

How about just delaying the movie indefinitely?

Like the Halo TV series made by Steven Spielberg?

Does this mean gloves and skinnier arms confirmed?

They should really change the director too.

They're making the right move. I wouldn't be surprised if they found they needed to reshoot some scenes for a changed hedgehog.

I think it's still little time. I wonder if there'll be a mustache-of-Steel situation in which the CGI fix is noticeably distracting.

that great news, it will give the filmakers more time to try to fix the movie.

Neckbeards everywhere rejoice.

I mean hopefully this means the artists won't have to crunch at least.

Literally one focus group of Sonic fans could've prevented this in the first place, though.

Fri May 24 19 02:15pm
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Well I'll be. I thought their whole "we're gonna fix this" thing was just blowing a bunch of smoke, but it looks like they're actually going through with it.

Good for them. I really respect a studio that can own up to their bad decisions and make things right--or at least less terrible.

I really do wonder if the "it was all a marketing stunt" rumor was true, or the "everyone at every stage told the executives that this was a bad idea but they refused to listen" rumor was true. Considering they're giving up one of the best times for animated movies to do well for one of the worst, I assume it is the latter.

So does this mean they plan to add Tails in the mix up too?


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