RUMOR - Tyson Hesse might have provided the art for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie delay announcement

Is he working on the Sonic revamp?

Tyson Hesse has numerous ties to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He was the director of Sonic Mania Adventures, provided the cut-scenes for Sonic Mania, worked on the Sonic comics for Archie, and much more. Does Mr. Hesse have any other connections to the Sonic franchise? Some think he might be working on the upcoming Sonic movie.

The artwork above is from Mr. Hesse, which was his take on the movie version of Sonic, based on the various teaser posters we had seen.

Then we had the artwork shared yesterday, which was to announce a delay for the Sonic movie. This artwork came from Jeff Fowler, the movie's director. Immediately, some people saw the artwork and thought it was very similar to Hesse's style. This lead to all sorts of speculation, and tons of people asking Hesse if he was the creator.

While Hesse hasn't said yes/no, he did share the tweet above after news of the delay broke. For those who don't know, the image comes from the first Iron Man movie. This is when Tony Stark reveals to the world that he IS Iron Man, as no one knew for sure who was in the suit.

All of this fits in extremely well with everyone asking who drew the art, and hitting up Mr. Hesse for info. Now if Hesse is indeed behind the art, does this mean he's going to have deeper ties to the movie as well? Could he be involved with the redesign Sonic is getting? I guess we'll have to hang tight and keep speculating!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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I like that art of Sonic at the top of this news story. I separates Sonic's "eyeball" and doesn't have his trademark "sidemouth", but the proportions are right. And that makes all the difference. Now I just wonder if it's the kind of design you can put realistic fur, skin, and lighting on and have it feel convincing enough in a movie.

RMC, everyone know that scene now
Could just mean he saw A:E

Sat May 25 19 02:45pm
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It still blows me away that the guy who started out doing goofy Ren and Stimpy-esque Sonic parody comics has gone on to work on the official comics, the games, and now possibly the movie. Dude totally deserves it.


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