Detective Pikachu's co-writers said the Detective Pikachu theme was decided on before they got involved

Detective Pikachu it is

It's very clear that Pokemon Co. wanted to turn Detective Pikachu into a movie right from the start. In an interview with Comicbook.com, co-writer Benji Samit said Detective Pikachu as a theme was picked before they even were involved.

"When we first got involved, it was already Detective Pikachu. I think some of those conversations happened before us. Detective Pikachu is what Legendary and the Pokemon Company were in agreement of. If we're going to make a live action Pokemon movie, it needs to be different. It needs a reason to exist. We don't want to just remake movies we've already seen before.

I think they rightfully thought this weird side-game that most people were not familiar with was actually a really cool thing to see in live action. Ryme City and Pokemon and people living together is such a cinematic thing [and] that's what they wanted to do from very early on. When we first heard about it, we were like, 'Yeah, that sounds awesome!'"

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Sun May 26 19 11:01pm
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Hard to believe all of this was based on a 2 year old 3ds game that they didn't even bother to promote at all during the film run.

When you consider they didn't really promote it when it came out, and it only was tenuously related to the movie (yes, a few of the story elements were the same, but... otherwise? Nope...)

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