RUMOR - Cadence of Hyrule might launch on May 30th, 2019

Sounds good to us!

Cadence of Hyrule is due out Spring 2019. With Summer kicking off June 21st, 2019, there's not much time left for the game to launch. While Nintendo is yet to announce an official release date, dataminers think they know the answer.

Just a few hours ago, dataminers noticed that the Switch eShop metadata for Cadence of Hyrule had been update. That update included a date of May 30th, 2019. That obviously has lead dataminers to believe that May 30th will be launch day for the title. That falls perfectly in line with Nintendo's usual eShop updates, as May 30th is a Thursday. I guess we'll find out if the metadata is spot-on soon enough!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


Limited Run Games, if you can score this physically I will let your entire office Do What U Want (With My Body).

If possible I'd rather see Nintendo themselves releasing a physical copy down the line.
But sure, if LRG would release one I'd be there day one.

...Well, Nintendo, you have a lot more employees but I guess I have to extend the same offer.

Mock Turtle gotta do what Mock Turtle gotta do.

I'd love a double pack with both Necrodancer games. Smile

Now that would be fantastic and would be a great collection. :D

Well that should come as bit of a surprise, if true, from official announcement to quick release.

I really don't see this happening, but it sure would be awesome!

Day 1 pick-up for me regardless..

This could be a very interesting experiment:
How well does an unusual Zelda spinoff title sell with minimal advertising/hype from its developer/publisher?

(I’m *so* giddy for this game. I already know I’m gonna have Hylian techno music stuck in my head all summer.. 😋)


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