Unity now supports Nintendo Labo VR

Things just got interesting

Things are about to get really interesting. We've already seen a couple of third parties announce support for Nintendo Labo VR, and now Unity has revealed that their engine has been updated to support Nintendo Labo VR. Any third party dev using Unity will now have Labo VR support built-in. I can't wait to see who takes advantage of it!

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This is really awesome. I can't wait to see what other devs make using this! I'll have to give it a go if the Switch SDK is ever publically available.

I can't wait to see what games use VR, but I'm less excited to see the games that use VR, they are going to be very blurry.

Maybe they'll make games with an art style that compensates for the lower resolution. Few people who have VR Labo mention any concern of blur.

Almost everyone has mentioned it, people just expected it going in so no one complained, its a massive 720p screen of course it's incredibly blurry in VR.

I just hope anyone that does attempt development can figure out how to make good use of the platform. As a Wii users i was always fine with graphical downgrades when it enhanced gameplay that other platforms didn't have.

I liked it when both gameplay and graphics/art direction were good. Red Steel 2 and MadWorld come to mind.

I would like that also but unfortunately they both sold poorly despite being awesome. They both used tricks to hide graphics though. Red Steel 2 with cel shading and MadWorld using black and white.

But that's my point! They used tricks on weaker hardware to make games look damn fine! I'm OK with that, really. But the gamplay for both are outsanding!

There is a massive difference between lower fidelity graphics on a TV feet away from you, and a 720p screen inches from your face, especially when you have to account for VR sickness from lower framerates and obtuse control schemes.

Curious to how many developers will embrace this feature. Sure hope plenty get on this now. It's odd, though, that I have not heard complaints about blurriness, but I guess Ben has a good point. People were like "whatevs! We know it'll be blurry anyway." I guess.

You should all look into the Oculus Quest. It's pretty amazing. I'd love to see what Nintendo could do with real VR someday.

Fri May 31 19 12:50am
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I'd love to see what Nintendo could do with real VR someday.

Metroid, Mario Kart (already a thing), F-Zero (hey, Miyamoto! ).. After playing WipeOut in VR I suddenly started to like those games. F-Zero would be a perfect fit. Pilot Wings! It would beat Ultra Wings which already is a great VR experience. A MArio platformer.. A new IP made for VR etc. If someone should go all in on VR, it's Nintendo! Sure hope the Switch Pro/2/Whatever will get a dedicated VR add-on.

Tue May 28 19 09:54pm
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Well... Basically, that's just rendering the game as two small-ish circle with a lens distortion. Still, that's very interesting!
Now I'm very sad that I don't have a dev kit... Hum...


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