Fan designs a more traditional Sonic and puts it into the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer

Hire this man, Paramount

Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't seem set to win any awards when it comes to story, but the team behind the film is at least trying to right the wrongs of Sonic's design. While we wait to see what they cook up, one fan has gone through the trailer to painstakingly remove Paramount's Sonic and go with something a bit more traditional. The results are super impressive, and in my opinion, make things at least look quite a bit better.

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Sonic fan does what Paradoun't.

Wed May 29 19 03:19am
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Ehh... this is only an improvement because it looks like normal Sonic, but becomes instantly surreal when you notice he looks nothing like the real world around him. All they've done is go from one problematic extreme to the other; from kid in a muppet costume to "if Who Framed Roger Rabbit used CGI". This would be like Nintendo ripped Pokemon models from Pokken Tournament, made no modifications to them, and put them in Detective Pikachu.

It's true, the original Sonic doesn't work very well either. It might look better if the animation was improved. But I'm really impressed at how well a single fan pulled it off. It's not easy to edit out a bad Sonic and put in a new one.

I honestly think that the concept of this film is so bizarre that anyone who sees it will just have to embrace it. The original design doesn’t look real to me either (in as real as a CG cartoon character can look) so I’d rather have something akin to this design if it’s going to look ridiculous either way. In fact, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in CG” is exactly what they should have gone with in the first place honestly.

Sonic fan does what Paradoun't.

Sonic, he can really move, Sonic, he's got an attitude, Sonic, he's the fastest thing alive, he's the fastest thing alive!

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