RUMOR - Nintendo's E3 2019 presentation is approximately 45 minutes long

Take this information with a grain of salt: Nintendo's E3 2019 presentation is rumored to be about 45 minutes in length. Although Nintendo has had E3 presentations at this length in the past, please keep in mind that this information is not necessarily confirmed until Nintendo themselves makes a statement on it. Either way, here's hoping that Nintendo has a ton of news to announce regardless of their presentation runtime!

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Tue Jun 04 19 12:56pm
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30 minutes of Animal Crossing, here we go.

Hoping this turns out true. 45 minutes of Nintendo goodness.

Tue Jun 04 19 12:56pm
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30 minutes of Animal Crossing, here we go.

If a good chunk of that time is dedicated to Animal Crossing than I'll be okay with that

25-30 mins on Animal Crossing, 15-20 for everything else. Gonna be a very Animal Crossing centric showing with a booth made to look like an AC town- I’ll be very surprised if that’s not the case. And honestly I’m fine with that. I’ll be happy if we get any other huge reveals but I have my expectations in check, Nintendo E3s are just another Direct to them nowadays it seems and not a place to drop a motherload of announcements like yesteryear.

My main hope is honestly for another same day drop on the same level of Hollow Knight- that made E3 for me last year. Metroid Prime Trilogy HD would do the trick. ;)

Tue Jun 04 19 02:24pm
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We're getting 5 minutes of Animal Crossing tops.

It's Animal Crossing, you don't have the entire world join in to watch 30 minutes of minute details of another Animal Crossing. That's absurd.

There is no focus game, Nintendo would have indicated as such.They did so the past 3 years. We're back to normal E3s.

I hope you’re right, but I can just absolutely see them doing it. I’d argue that most people weren’t tuning in for 25 minutes of Smash last year either and that’s what they did (I absolutely adore Smash but still I would’ve preferred ten minutes on that and the rest on new announcements).

Again though, I hope you’re right and not me. A slew of great announcements would be amazing but given the track record of the past few shows I feel like they’re going to be reserved again and show just a few things of note.

I think Nintendo has (hopefully) learned their lesson from them, but I also genuinely think that they thought that people like Smash so much that they don't need to sell their platform and can just spend an E3 selling Smash, and after bumping down their hardware sales by 3 million units (for multiple other reasons as well, but Smash didn't make up for that), they learned that one game can't do that. One game can sell a lot of units of Switch, millions, but it can't sell a platform. Animal Crossing is going to sell a lot of switches. Especially in Japan. But I think NoA is smart enough to know that people aren't going to be jumping up and down for more than 5 minutes of Animal Crossing, in the Direct of course, not talking Treehouse. Also, considering that they still haven't confirmed Animal Crossing (and oddly Fire Emblem and Astral Chain) as playable, even though they clearly will be, and they have not mentioned any titles as confirmed for the Direct, I don't think we should expect a focus game like the past few years.

Tue Jun 04 19 01:19pm
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I'm hoping for more QUANTITY this year. Spending a long time on Animal Crossing would be frustrating to me, especially because Animal Crossing never changes very much. Now, if this new AC is a dramatically fresh new take on the franchise, I'll be happy to be wrong.

Just announce LOTS of games, Nintendo! Maybe even a fun new property.

Maybe even a fun new property.

Town, Astral Chain, and Retro's totally (not cancelled) mysterious game.

I'm hoping for Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing and Bayonetta 3 info with an update on Daemon X Machina. Then a few reveals no one would expect and some we could.

How many out of left field announcements?

Tue Jun 04 19 02:23pm
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Spending an excessive amount of time on AC would ruin the rest of the show for me, It was bad enough when they dragged on and on about a game I already wanted last time (SSBU), it'll be even worse when it's a franchise I have precisely zero interest in like this.

So twice as long as last years then?


But seriously, this is the Switchs third E3, time to see some real third party support this E3.

I don’t see it when Switch owners are already buying inferior versions, ports from last decade, etc.

I hope a new DK game shows up but I know it wont. Honestly thats the only surprise game I want to see. Im more than happy at just getting trailers and release dates to games we already know about. Oh and Bayo 3 PLEASE!

i hope this length turn up to be true and Nintendo dont focus too much in one or two game like the last Nintendo E3 Direct.

I hope the entire direct is hosted by Rusty Slugger, and he announces himself for Smash Ultimate DLC.

I don't know if RMC is hoping for a ton of news…

If we get to the end and there weren't at least two minutes dedicated to Bayonetta 3, I'm going to lose my mind.


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