NicoNico's E3 2019 page says Nintendo's E3 Direct is roughly 40 minutes long

That's a lot of time!

Earlier this week, we had heard a rumor that Nintendo's E3 Direct was going to be around 40 minutes long. That was coming from an insider with info, but today we have something a bit more concrete. Video site NicoNico has their E3 page up, and it includes a listing for Nintendo's E3 Direct. According to their page, Nintendo's presentation will be roughly 45 minutes long, so that lines up with earlier reports. Remember, Direct lengths can vary slightly per region, but they should all be around the same time.

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Remember to hype responsibly

20 minute Fire Emblem Three houses recap then a 10 minute reveal trailer for the next Fire Emblem character coming to Smash ;)

First it was an hour, then it was 45 minutes, and now its only 40 minutes? Which one is it!?

Around 40 minutes? Sounds pretty good.

Awesome, I can't wait!

- Sent from my DSi. Getting the site to load was hard.

It’s Nintendo... for all we know they’ll elaborate on how Olimar’s helmet cracks.

Kidding. Maybe. Don’t make assumptions with Nintendo.

Remember to hype responsibly

that a good lenght i hope Nintendo dont spent a good chunk of the Direct in one or two games just like the last Nintendo E3 Direct.

that a good lenght, with this lenght Nintendo can cover a lot of games unless, they spend a good chunk of the Direct in one or two games just like the last Nintendo E3 Direct.


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