Suda51 talks No More Heroes 3 - Video interview

We had the opportunity to interview Suda 51 about the reveal of No More Heroes 3 for the Nintendo Switch! Learn more about this cult classic sequel!

- Just built a prototype, and they started working on it when Travis Strikes Again released
- core team from Travis Strikes Again to No More Heroes 3 hasn't changed, but they have added in more people
- takes place roughly 2 years after Travis Strikes Again, and the games are directly connected
- Suda51 is going to talk to Marvelous about bringing No More Heroes 1 and 2 to Switch
- the team wants to try new stuff, bring over elements from Travis Strikes Again, strive for 60fps, and make it the best game possible
- gameplay will be a lot closer to No More Heroes 1 and 2
- Santa Destroy will be part of the game
- scale of the game is still being worked on
- Travis Strikes Again was made to get fans ready for No More Heroes 3
- the team will most likely include some 8-bit jobs to the game
- some sort of collaboration with other companies for No More Heroes is something Suda51 would like to do
- Travis being in Smash Bros. Ultimate would be 'totally awesome,' and Suda51 would love to see it happen
- Suda51 wants fans to ask Nintendo to put Travis in Smash Bros. if they want it to happen


There's no way they are getting 60fps using Unreal without major sacrifices, I'm going to wait for a PC release.

Unless I've overlooked something, the only game in the series to get ported to non-Nintendo systems was the first... and that was done by the publisher without Grasshopper's involvement or approval...

It's Unreal engine so a port is a no brainer, Travis Strikes again hit PC, so that's 2/3 No More Heroes Games that ended up on other platforms.


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