Fans want to know why Sonic won't ditch his shoes in Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games' surfing event, and SEGA has a strange answer

SEGA has some strange rules

Fans latch onto all kinds of strange, small, and weird details in video games. That's what makes fans so great! When it comes to Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, those who saw today's trailer immediately had a question. How come Mario can take his shoes off to participate in surfing, but Sonic can't? It certainly would make sense to remove them, so why does Sonic keep them on? Polygon reached out to SEGA for an answer, and they got a response from Sonic producer Takashi Iizuka.

“Sonic doesn’t take off his shoes (in canon)”

Why on earth is that a steadfast canon rule? I mean, I get it for mainline Sonic games where he's running around, but can't there be an exception for something like Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games? I guess SEGA just doesn't know how in the world to draw Sonic's feet!


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Sonic's soul is a shoe sole. It's how he runs so fast. If he removes them, he dies.

Why. Why must we be so concerned?

Which will lead to loads of fan art of the mystery of Sonic's feet, what they look like, and why Team Sonic is so secret about it.

Sonic's soul is a shoe sole. It's how he runs so fast. If he removes them, he dies.

As much as I'd like to make fun of Iizuka for this it's really not a weird stance to take. Kirby isn't allowed to take their shoes off either.

Because there's already thousands of Sonic foot fetish fanart and they don't want to contribute to that weirdness.

In the few instances you see their feet, all Sonic characters have horrible flippers. Look at Big in his sandals, it's awful.

I disagree! He gets different shoes in Sonic Adventure 2 to grind down rails. So he HAS to REMOVE those before putting on the other pair!

Nope. He just puts them on over his regular shoes!

That'd be even stranger than never removing them methinks.


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