Grandia HD Collection gameplay footage, screens, and tons of info (due out very soon, no physical plans, reworked assets, and much more)

Two massive undertakings in one package

A few days before E3 2019 kicked off, GungHo confirms that the Grandia HD Collection was coming to Switch outside of Japan. Now they're at the big show with gameplay footage, screens, and a host of information on the title. Check out a summary of the latest details below.

- contains both Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II HD Remaster as a single bundled product
- the game is expected to release very soon
- GungHo is still in discussions with Nintendo in terms of release timing
- no plans for a physical/retail release on Switch
- the team felt the Switch was the console platform best suited for JRPGs, which is why they are bringing the collection over
- the devs are using the original PlayStation code of Grandia, but working with the Sega Saturn version to create this
- these remasters are being handled by Sickhead Games
- the games will support proper widescreen
- only pre-rendered or animated movies and the world map screen remain with 4:3
- as many art assets as possible were touched up for this release
- this includes character sprites & portraits, enemy sprites, environment model art, and UI elements like icons & text
- a few menu digits could not be replaced, but most of the UI has clearly received touch-ups
- there is no option to choose original sprites
- the audio quality will be the same as the Playstation version
- includes French and German subtitles
- the team was interested in a Spanish localization, but they couldn't deliver that due to the size of the game
- in Grandia HD Remaster, the voice track can be toggled mid-game
- Grandia II HD Remaster is currently receiving more performance tweaks to remove as many glitches as possible
- as to whether Grandia III HD Remaster, the devs couldn't say

Check out more screens here


Umm...yeah, as a huge fan of the original Grandia, this looks genuinely awful. What a blurry, smeary mess of a job they did with it. The pixel art looks like it just had a terrible filter run over it. It looks janky as heck.

Also, why on earth did they use the Playstation version as the base? That version is notoriously inferior to the Saturn original.

I've never given this much thought, but what makes the Saturn version so superior? I always assumed if anything the PSX version would be on par if not better since it came later.

It was specifically developed for the Saturn hardware, so even though the PS1 normally handles 3D games better than the Saturn, it runs much much worse on the PS1. The port job that was done years later was not done well, and to use that version as the base here is just weird. It'd be like using the PS2 version of Grandia 2 in stead of the superior Dreamcast version, which was a similar situation.

Regardless, it's the super ugly filtered sprites that are the real problem here. And that has nothing to do with using the PS1 version as the base.

Interesting, thanks for letting me know. That does seem strange. And I'll have to find some screens of the original to compare, since to my untrained eye they seem fine.

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