Your weapons in Contra Rogue Corps will overheat from too much use, forcing you to stop shooting


In decisions that make absolutely no sense, we've found out about a mechanic in Contra Rogue Corps that seems to go against everything the series is about. For whatever reason, you aren't going to be able to constantly hold down the fire button to shoot your weapon. Weapons will end up overheating, and you'll have to find other ways to survive while they cool down. In a series that's known for endless bullets, running, and gunning, I have no idea why Konami would implement this feature.

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I knew there was a catch somewhere. Aside from being in 3D which has never worked for this series.

Oh well. Back to the Anniversary Collection. :p

Thu Jun 13 19 02:02am
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↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Start will disable overheating. =P

I'm sorry @rawmeatcowboy , but If this works as i expect it to work, you're actually bashing a really good idea.

The biggest problem of Contra has always been that people would stick to the same gun all the time, if this encourages switching between weapons it could be a great improvement.

I'm really disappointed how everyone jumps in the hate train so quickly...


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