Trials of Mana details you might not know (co-op removed, 6 main characters, Unreal Engine 4 usage, expanded story, and more)

This project is getting a lot of love

Game Informer put together a feature on 11 things they think you should know about Trials of Mana. I read through the whole list and boiled down the info to bulletpoints. I actually reworked some of the info, but it ended up being 11 points anyway!

- pick from six characters for your protagonist with their own origin stories
- pick two compatriots that join your protagonist's story as party members
- the decision to remake Trials of Mana and bring Collection of Mana over was due to feedback from the western side of Square Enix
- the game uses Unreal Engine 4
- partner A.I. has improved by taking feedback (and complaints) from other Mana titles
- the full game will be voice acted and will allow players to choose between English and Japanese voice acting
- no co-op
- the story is not exactly the same as it was on the SNES, as this game features an expansion on the ideas within it
- the developers had no idea there was a cult following in the West, but found the fan translation after the project was greenlit
- the producers want to remake the entire series eventually
- Collection of Mana is Switch-exclusive because they had to get the code for the games from Nintendo

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The Mana series is not the Mana series without co-op.

Adventures of Mana, Sword of Mana and FF Adventure all lacked it and they were fine so I think if they make it a single player focused adventure that's fine if there's more polish on that front. SOM Remake needed the better multiplayer more by having it be online.

Not a fan of the removal of the co-op, but it's not like I've ever had the opportunity to play Seiken Densetsu 3 with anyone. I'm also vaguely worried about the story bit, as SD3's story was fairly straight forward and does not need "expanding".

They had to get the code for the games from Nintendo? Why would Nintendo have the code for their own games, and SquareEnix not have it?

That lack of co-op is a real bummer... but I haven't written the game off yet.

Thu Jun 13 19 05:12pm
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The Collection of Mana eShop listing states Trials of Mana has 2 player co-op ans Secret of Mana has 3. Is this a different version of the game?

This is an upcoming standalone remake of Trials or Mana with new polygonal graphics.

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