Check out the top 10 third party LTD Switch software sales in the U.S.

Mostly usual suspects, but a few surprises

Wondering what the best-selling third party titles are for the Switch here in the United States? NPD's Mat Piscatella has shared that info via Twitter, which you can find below. This tallies the totals for third party software from day one up to the latest NPD report.

1 - Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
2 - Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
3 - Diablo III
4 - Just Dance 2019
5 - Just Dance 2018
6 - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
7 - LEGO Incredibles
8 - NBA 2K18
9 - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
10 - FIFA 18

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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It always feels a bit disingenuous to include Mario & Rabbids in these third-party charts. I get that it's technically third party because Ubisoft published it, but it's using a first-party IP, so it's hardly fair to compare it to other third-party titles that stand on their own merits.

Out of ALL the 3rd party support Switch is recieving THOSE are the top sellers!? Just Dance, NBA, and Lego? Come on Switch owners, get it together!

Thought we would see MK11, but then again that jst released not so long ago.

Genuinely surprised Stardew Valley isn't on there. It's been on the top eshop sales charts each month for 2 years.

NPD only tracks games that launch with a retail release, otherwise Stardew Would be up there. Also Minecraft originally launched as a digital release before getting a retail release later on, otherwise that would be probably be number 1.

Lol FIFA 18 is in there and yet EA chooses to make a crap product
Disappointed not to see Wolfenstein or Doom


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