Nintendo giving Next Level Games time to wrap up Luigi's Mansion 3 before they lock in a specific release date

Coming 2019...but when?

We saw a lot about Luigi's Mansion 3 at E3 2019, but what we didn't get was a release date. We know the title is due out sometime in 2019, but why didn't Nintendo share an exact date? According to a Polygon interview with Nintendo's Bill Trinen, Next Level Games is “putting a lot of care into the game." Furthermore, Nintendo wants "to let them put the care into it they want," which is why they're waiting on the final word from Next Level before a solid release date is announced.

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Calling it now it’s going to come out some time during October or something like along those lines

I think they want to release it in October, but they didn’t announce it yet because they are not sure the game will be ready.

I'm thinking the same thing. They are hoping for a Halloween release, but it may push out into November or December.

I love their approach to the developers. Give them time, no crunch=quality games. I have more than enough games as is for the wait.

But yeah, this game would be perfect for Haloween.

It would kinda make sense to release in October.

Coming out January 2020 I can feel it... *sigh*

I feel like they want to put it out in October, but they'll end up pushing it to December. Hopefully they won't push it farther than that.


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