Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe will include reworked visuals and gameplay for the first game, but also retains the original layouts

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It sounds like the developer for Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe is out to make these versions of the games the best ones yet. In an interview with Dtoid, Sam Beddoes of Freakzone Games pointed out that the first game in the two-game lineup is getting a lot of revamping. That said, if you don't like the changes to mechanics and difficulty, you can still play things as they were in the original release.

"My intent is to make a game that's hard, that stays true to the kinds of scab-picking frustration that 'The Nerd' expresses so well in his videos, but I can also take criticism. When I hear that players aren't having fun with a game I made, I want to take that feedback and use it to build my skills. This new version of AVGN Adventures has a lot of improvements, both visually and technically. It's still hard. It's just hard in a more fun way, at least in my opinion. And if you liked the original level designs, you can play it that way too. Giving players options is always a good thing."


When it came to the original game the general view of it was "I get the intention is to be sort of unfair like the games the Nerd reviews, but this isn't I Wanna Be the Guy, you actually have to pay for this, and BS difficulty is still BS." I haven't tried the second game out but I have heard many agree it's way better because it doesn't rely on the same BS the first did, so redoing the first game so it'd more in line with the superior sequel is a good move, though including the original level designs for anyone curious what it originally played like is a nice bonus for people looking to do self imposed challenges.

I don’t care for overly difficult games but AVGNA didn’t bother me. It had ample enough checkpoints.

I think we still have the problem of Nostalgia Critic being in the second game, after the #change the channel drama last year its kinda awkward to see him there.....yet, its kinda fitting because he is the villain

You don't wanna set out to make a game that's not fun, and worse, one that's INTENTIONALLY not fun. That's just asking for people not to buy.


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