Splatoon 2 - Final Fest voting has started, video in-game introduction

The voting for Splatoon 2's Final Fest has now opened. Choose either Chaos vs Order, and get for the big Splatocalypse on July 18. See the introduction to the Splatfest above!

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"For one, the fans like you more than they like me. I've see the internet."

Poor Pearl.

She has my love. It's more than all the MArina lovers combined!

What type of narrative is this?

Kinda seems like a radio play. Seems funny that you seemingly can only follow this at the moment it is uploaded. I suppose someone archives it.

I wonder if the results of this spatfest will affect Splatoon 3, like how the last splatfest in Splatoon 1 did.

? How did Spaltoon 1's results affect Splatoon 2?

The last splatfest was Callie vs. Marie, and based off of the results they had one of them be "captured" in the next game.

Oh yeaaah, that's right. Didn't play that much offline, really. Wouldn't surprise me if it would be like this this time around though. And curious to what the next couple will be like too, but that in several years I guess.

? How did Spaltoon 1's results affect Splatoon 2?


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