Astral Chain director on additional content, modes, multiplayer, and thinking of future installments

These are parts of an IGN Benelux with Astral Chain director Takahisa Taura, which we translated for you...

What are you the most proud of in Astral Chain?
To make it possible to control two characters simultaneously. It costs us time and five games to get that right. That is what I'm the most proud of. In addition, I would you like to point out that the graphics maybe look like an anime. This is only true for characters as the environments are very realistic. That is something beautiful too. Those environments are based on Ghost in the Shell.

What about a possible multiplayer co-op in Astral Chain?
This is a single-player game, however you could use the Joy-Con seperately. In that set-up, one player controls the legion and the other the police officer. For this mode, you really need to think the same. It has to be someone you are very good friend with, but it can lead to arguements between players. In this mode it is a lot more tricky. You could go in turns, but it could certainly be fun to the controller and work together.

We know that the game will have a Story Mode, but are there other modes we can look forward to?
The Story Mode is the only thing we have in principal, but there might be content that focuses mroe on the battles in Astral Chain. At the moment, I can't say more, though hopefully more soon.

Can we expect additional content after launch?
There are currently no plans to publish additional content for Astral Chain.

Taura ended the interview by saying that he's thinking of ways to expand the series into a trilogy, or perhaps more. Whether that pans out all depends on how this first installment sells.

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Hmmm, so this is the first part of a trilogy... I didn’t know that... :-)

Wed Jun 26 19 03:02pm
Rating: 1

They said it could be a trilogy if the game sells well, but from this it seems like they had that planned all along.

Anyway, I am hyped for this game. Not as much as Bayo 3, of course, but this looks delicious!

Yeah, I read again and saw that...
And I'm a bit afraid of the sales figure being positive... As far as I know, Bayonetta struggled to appeal enough to the audience.

Wed Jun 26 19 04:18pm
Rating: 1

True. But then again what is big enough sales these days? Since it's a Switch exclusive it's pretty sure that Nintendo are paying for some of the game. A good advertisement wouldn't hurt. Of course, the game has to be good also. And it's a brand new IP, so those are scary waters to sail. Hard to say.

Yeah, Bayonetta is very cliche a title and sold pretty bad on PS360 combined. So much that SEGA,Sony and MS didn't even want a sequel until Nintendo saved the day (and I thank them sooo much for that). BUT at least both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 sold pretty OK on Switch. So we'll just have to see, I guess...

Well they got my money for sure on this one! Looks great =)

Thu Jun 27 19 01:02pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I think I'm hyped for Astral Chain even more than Bayo 3, I mean that could just be because they haven't shown anything at all yet for 3, but from the first trailer of AC I was figuratively throwing money at my screen.

And I already want the soundtrack.

from the first trailer of AC I was figuratively throwing money at my screen.

Hahah. Thanks for the lulz. But I get you. The game is very promising.

When it comes to Bayonetta 3, we literately know close to nothing but with AC we know a good deal already. I am extremely hyped for anything Bayo3, but damn this gae has got my attention. Looks like another Platinum gem.

The game has a lot of 90s sci-fi and cyberpunk vibes, and I love it. The GiTS influence on the city is pretty strong too. The game looks so incredible, I'm hyped!


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