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Devolver Digital's My Friend Pedro Clears 250k in First Week, Gets "Behind the Schemes" Video

Top banana
by rawmeatcowboy
27 June 2019
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DeadToast Entertainment’s pirouette-filled shootout, My Friend Pedro, has cleared 250,000 bananas sold within its first week on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Devolver Digital is celebrating the My Friend Pedro’s milestone with a new installment in the Behind the Schemes video series, which introduces the one-man dev team extraordinaire behind all the potassium-fueled killstreaks: Victor Ågren. To those who didn’t check out My Friend Pedro at a previous PAX or E3 with us – behold, the most pleasant-mannered person in the world.

Thank you as always and if cracking skulls by kicking skateboards in slow motion sounds like something you would like, plz know you can buy My Friend Pedro to do so.

I mean, it’s one banana. What could it cost, 10 dollars? (It’s actually $20, but Steam users can get 15 percent off that via the summer sale. Savings!)

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