Nintendo wants to create a controller that works for all people, and becomes the standard for the next generation

Can Nintendo do it?

Coming from Nintendo's 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders...


Should get the IR pointer back, ninty.

But also you should go all in with VR soon. We all know you have experimented with it for several years, but now's the time.

Sat Jul 06 19 07:17am
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I agree with the IR pointer. Really disappointed with how they didn't put the Joy-Con R's IR sensor on top to maintain that compatibility, especially since the lack of sensor bar support likely means we'll never see Wiimote BC added to the Switch in the same way that we got the GameCube controller adapter.

Yupp! I mean, the gyro controls ARE good, but nowhere near the IR pointer. Like, I would love for a red Steel 2 port, or even a Red Steel 3... But would it work on Switch?

Fri Jul 05 19 04:05pm
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Three words: Donkey Konga Bongos

Fri Jul 05 19 08:49pm
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Would love to play Mortal Kombat with those... Or a tittie anime game...

Sat Jul 06 19 12:51am
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They already have a controller. It's called the switch pro controller. Use that for next gen.

Or give a joycon upgrade.

Wasn't there an issue with the Pro controller's D-pad? Kinda of ironic since they invented it.

I wouldn't mind a bit larger joy-cons which also has IR pointer (as mentioned above).

Yeah, the Pro controller's D-pad is not ideal. It sometimes registers button presses that the player did not press. And it's a shame given that Nintendo was once the king of D-pads.

I noticed in Tetris 99, but the other version (like Splatoon 2) are supposed to be better... Irinic anyway...

Also the Wii U's D-pad was amazing.

It certainly isn't the Switch Joy-Cons. They're probably Nintendo's worst controller ever. They're too small, feel cheap and lack features. The Switch Pro Controller is great but isn't perfect. The Gamecube controller was great, though that too was lacking in some regards. I liked the Wavebird. Nintendo have been the true pioneers of controllers, that’s why the Switch controllers are so disappointing. Beyond that even, for me, they're appalling. I get that compromises had to be made, but even still. Horrendous!


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