Switch hardware and accessories see a price increase in Russia

Ow, my wallet

Nintendo has upped the price of Switch hardware and accessories in Russia. Fans in the region have noticed prices climbing recently, with a pair of Joy-Con climbing from 5,500 RUB ($87) to 7,000 RUB ($110). The Switch Pro Controller also saw a jump from 4,500 RUB ($71) to 6,000 RUB ($102).

The trend is hitting hardware as well, as the Switch Lite is priced at 16,500 RUB ($260). There's speculation on why the pricing is getting a boost, but no official word from Nintendo just yet.

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Its insane how massively mismanaged Nintendo Russia is compared to other regions. I get maybe their investigation into allegations didn't find anything solid enough to fire the guy in charge of Nintendo Russia, but NoE really needs to get rid of him solely because he can't even do his job well. If his job is to sell Switches in Russia, he seems to be unable to do so from what I've seen online and everything else we have heard. Didn't another European country just drop prices?

Wed Jul 10 19 10:39pm
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Considering Russia is run by super rich gangsters it's not surprising.

I mean Nintendo of Europe is still in charge of the Russian division and can still choose to fire him if they want.

That's a huge oof right there.


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