RUMOR: Nintendo FCC filings from Nintendo point to new processor/flash storage chips for the Switch

Not an XL revamp, but still noteworthy

Nintendo said earlier today that they're not working on an XL-style update for the Switch right now. That doesn't mean that other things aren't going on though. Thanks to some FCC filings from Nintendo, we can see that Nintendo is planning on reworking the guts of the regular Switch moving forward.

According to the FCC filings from Nintendo, the original Switch is getting a new processor and new flash storage chips. In particular, this was a “Class II Permission Change” with the FCC, which allows for tweaks to an existing gadget without having to go through the certification process all over again.

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Probably just security or power consumption related.

"new processor" it mentions the whole SoC, hopefully it's just a die shrink, Switch shouldn't have been 20nm, I'm guessing newer Switch's will use the Switch lite SoC since it should be identical in terms of end user performance, and moving all Switch hardware to this standard should reduce costs across the board, except for consumers, Nintendo isn't cutting the Switch's base price anytime soon, the Switch lite already does this.

Now that we have the Switch Lite out of the way, I don't want a "Switch Pro". I'd prefer to get one or two more years out of my Switch, then have Nintendo make a Switch 2 or whatever the next console is.


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