Fire Emblem: Three Houses confirmed to include same-sex relationships


While it was rumored for awhile there, Nintendo has now confirmed it. Fire Emblem: Three Houses will indeed have same sex relationships. Nintendo confirmed the information by saying that same-sex relationships are possible for select characters in the game. We don't have details on who those characters are, so we'll just have to find out on our own while we play.


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Fri Jul 12 19 05:30pm
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Oh boy, here we go! I can't wait to find out the LGBT characters!

Fri Jul 12 19 05:30pm
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Oh boy, here we go! I can't wait to find out the LGBT characters!

Oh Lord, how dare people be not heterosexual!

Fri Jul 12 19 08:43pm
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"Won't someone please think of the straight people for once?"

Wait the game has relationships in the first place? When was that announced?

It was confirmed around E3, but children characters aren't a thing.

Well they aren't marketing it that heavily which makes me hope it will improved from Fire Emblem Fate's "waifu sim" modes....

Personally, I only found the dialogue/conversation content to be poor in Fates, with the babies also making no sense. Improve those and take out the babies and I'm a lot more interested in the feature

The rubbing/blowing parts were still weird, uncomfortable, and as it turns out, entirely pointless. So if those are gone, and the writing is better, then it won't be an issue at all. Plus none of the characters are going to be locked away behind marriages (ie the babies) so thats also an improvement. And clearly that it hasn't been heavily marketed yet means that its likely not being considered as major a feature this time around, which means their energy is being spent on better stuff, which is all around going to make the game better.

Well to be fair, the rubbing/blowing stuff was only in the Japanese version, so not sure if that's the version you played.

But yeah, I'm liking the direction things are going. A less creepy focus on relationship building.

It was tapping in the Western one right? I played the American one and their absolutely still was blowing.

No there was no touching or blowing.

I might be misremembering then.I just remember playing a part where it asked me to blow into the mic on public transportation and immediately regretting it.

In before it's taken out in the west.

They weren't removed from the Western release of Fates... would be a bit strange if they did it for three houses.

They weren't removed from the West in terms of the option, but the same-sex marriage dialogue is a copy paste of the straight pairing of the same character as opposed to the JP version that has exclusive dialogue.

If they don't make the dialogue problematic this time then maybe it will just be a straight translation/localization.

I bet it'll be one or two options per gender and they'll be terrible stereotypes anyway.

If they keep trying to pretend this series is a dating sim, they should just make every character dateable by either gender.

At least there's no children mechanic this time, so that's a good thing. I'm still unconvinced about this game, though. I really dislike all that school thing, I wish we had a new FE that focused on the battles like the classic ones.

Fri Jul 12 19 08:47pm
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I was happy to hear that the school stuff isn't the entire game, I basically stopped following news about the game when I heard that and only started listeninf again recently.

I've been playing Heroes since launch and was immediately tired of all the one-dimensional characters and waifu garbage. It was bad in Fates, but it was worse there. At least the designs in this don't look over the top, I'm holding out hope for good characters again!

I actually loved the children stuff, but after two games with it, I'm ready to move on.

You got it right for M/M, at least. There's only 3 options - 2 old guys and Linhardt.

Well, it's disappointing to see so few, but not surprising. Hopefully one of the old guys is decent because I really dislike Linhardt's design.

They really did make some poor choices. Pretty close to being the worst 3. I'm gonna have to go with Linhardt because I really don't like the age gap. It's very disappointing.

We'll have to wait and see. I don't really know anything about the characters other than their looks, and based on that, I'd pick any of the older guys rather than Linhardt. But who knows. I'm still not sure if I want to get the game at all.

I actually wouldn't want them to have all characters datable by anyone. I of course have nothing against anything LGBT+, but it'd be a bit weird if every character in the game is fully bisexual. It's also what I find weird in a title like Stardew Valley

It's a fantasy game with fictional characters, and the only reason the dating thing exists is fanservice. I'm not sure the characters should even count as bisexual if the only possible same-sex couples always include the avatar (again, because fanservice).

Fair enough. I can definitely see why it wouldn't bother other people, but it's just not for me

I think I get what you’re saying about Stardew since you could potentially romance all same-sex option but if you don’t they default to straight and that’s just the game enabling the player to have the choice.

I see it more like only the character the player chooses to romances is the “the only gay in the village” (sorry that reference might mean nothing unless you’ve seen Little Britain). It’s just the game allowing the player to have the choice of who they want to romance and not that all characters are supposed to be bisexual.

Sat Jul 13 19 10:28am
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Yeah, I fully understand that it's been put in there to allow the player to have full choice. After all, it'd be a shame if you're a guy and you like <Guy B> in the game, but only <Guy A> is bi/gay.

And I also understand what you're saying. True enough, taking Stardew Valley as the example again, for the first playthrough only the same-sex character you romance will be gay. This would be fine if my knowledge of the game is confined to this one playthrough only.
But my knowledge typically isn't confined to this one playthrough. I mean, in a next playthrough, or in someone else's playthrough, said character is suddenly straight. This breaks immersion for me (which I argue is important for Stardew Valley) since there is nothing in the game that prompted a sexuality change, unless we believe the player character is that charming that he/she can turn gay anybody previously straight.

It's a tricky topic with no winners. Because you definitely do want to give freedom of choice to players. It's important. But you also don't want to break immersion. Luckily for others, this freedom of choice isn't immersion-breaking for most, so ConcernedApe was right in choosing this freedom for the players over the immersion for just a select few. (And it's not like I hated the game because of it, so...)
But I am glad that there are also a few developers out there who do think "Well, hey, not all characters are bi. That's just how it is."

That said, I don't know too much about Fire Emblem yet. I've just started playing the GBA game not too long ago, in preparation for the Switch game. I'm trying to work my way through all important FE games

EDIT: Even though my comment is already really long, let me clarify a few more things.

With the same reasoning, I also think it's immersion-breaking if every opposite-sex character is romancable. I don't know how Fire Emblem does this, but if every character there is a potential romantic candidate, then I'd find that equally weird.

I mostly come from Visual Novels, where there is typically an arrangement of 5 girls to date for the main character. Also there I would find it weird if those 5 girls were the entire cast, meaning that 100% of the female characters is into the main character. Yikes. Talk about unrealistic.

Sadly, a lot of VNs are like that, but that doesn't mean I think it ruins the VN. As long as the story and art direction is good, I'm into it. And I'm sure it's the same for Fire Emblem. Even if there are aspects that break the immersion, as long as the story and gameplay and such are top-notch, it won't ruin the product for me

I get it. Think of each Stardew play-through as a brand new timeline/universe so the sexuality of all characters is reset/changed Smile

I think full openness and options is probably the easiest thing for devs. I mean it could go as granular as if you picked your character to have a beard then 3 people immediately are off limits as they don’t like beards...or you picked to have a cat over a dog so one potential partner won’t even entertain the idea of dating you because they hate cats.

It’s a hard one to get absolutely right. I don’t mind it done either way where everyone is an option like Stardew or only a subset of characters are “canonically” gay but I feel the latter restricts the player but does make it more “true to life”. So it’s a balance.

PS - I always end up romancing Alex in Stardew anyways because I’m a sucker for a guy who works out

IIRC, Awakening and Fates let you marry every single opposite-sex character. Fates had one same-sex option for each gender (Awakening had none).

I mean, even in Visual Novels it's "unrealistic" for all those five girls to be interested in the main character, who usually is just an average dude. It's all because of fanservice, because that's one of the main reasons people play those games (I'm talking specifically about dating sims and that sort of VNs). People play games for escapism too, so I don't think they need to be "realistic" in that regard, especially in this genre.

Fire Emblem is a weird case because a few games ago there was none of this dating stuff, but it's been a big feature lately.

There is little I hate more than the protagonist in a VN being a bland dude without a face. It's meant to help the reader to insert themselves, but paradoxically that breaks the immersion even more for me for the reasons you stated... It's entirely unrealistic the girls would be into such a guy without personality.

I'm not saying everyone (or really, anyone) to agree with me. I know that most people are okay with unrealistic escapism, but I definitely wouldn't be able to "escape" if it's unrealistic and I can't get immersed. I'd be too aware I'm reading/playing something meant only to pander.

That every single opposite-sex character in Awakening and Fates is romancable is a bit of a turn-off for me, but like I metioned before, if the games are still good, I won't mind too much

Regarding your last paragraph, yeah, I agree that it's secondary to the game being good. But it's still evidence that "realism" isn't really a factor when deciding which characters are dateable, and same-sex relationships are just an afterthought to the developers, and that's what get tiring about this subject.

Making every character bisexual is not the right way to go. It cheapens the value of both the heterosexual and homosexual relationships. It's a terrible idea and past times where it was done that way lead to quite a bit of backlash, every character being bisexual with one DLC exception was not received well by the Dragon Age fanbase when DA2 did it. Better to create unique, interesting characters who have their own preferences than it is to create one size fits all.

light wolf
Sun Jul 14 19 12:03am
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So pretty much every character is straight but you get a few token same-sex options that are still romanceable by the opposite gender because we can't deny the straights their waifus. Very unique and interesting!

EDIT: Also, everytime anyone throws the smallest bone to the LGBT+ community there's an uproar anyway because gamers are one of the most toxic and homophobic groups nowadays.

Fri Jul 12 19 07:13pm
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Why just select characters? It's always terrible options, and it's more work than just letting you date anyone! If Ashe is not an option I will not be very happy.

Edit: Well, he's not. Linhardt (meh) and 2 old guys (absolutely not). Ffs, IntSys.

Fri Jul 12 19 08:42pm
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Please do not disrespect my husband Niles.

[ ] Affordable healthcare
[ ] Renewable energy
[X] Video games for lesbians

Well, one out of three ain't bad.

No, not bad, but I still wish Nintendo would go for renewable energy instead of video games next time.

We don't have details on who those characters are

Knowing Intelligent Systems by "same-sex options" they prolly mostly means "hot lesbians"

I haven't played much Fire Emblem and mostly see it through images here and there, but aren't basically all characters varying degrees of hot?

Essentially. If the screenshots going around are real then there's 5 lesbian options including Edelgard, who is a main character, while for gay options there's 2 unimportant old guys and Linhardt.

How can relations work if they can't marry?

Sat Jul 13 19 10:18am
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Is this a serious question? You don't know how relationships work outside of marriage?

Also, has marriage even been deconfirmed?

Sat Jul 13 19 01:47pm
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What there to know? You talk to someone, get to know them blah blah blah and then marry.

FE has been waifu first and foremost. How can relations like that happen in a school setting? And how can marriage even happen during a school setting?

Seriously, what FE game did not have characters get married?

FE has been waifu first and foremost.
Oh no. Ohhh no. You're really hurting a lot of people with this, I think. Wouldn't you say FE is a strategy game first and foremost?

They have been leaning more towards the dating sim side. With the amount of time spent in the academy this time, it's getting closer to a 50/50 split.

You don't need to be married to have a relationship. Marriage is just a superficial officialisation of it.

And the gay relationship options are apparently pretty controversial. I've heard rumblings about resetera being quite upset about it. But it's resetera, so I don't know what to think.

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