Grab your Astral Chain preorder from the Nintendo UK store now

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Astral Chain is now available to preorder from the Nintendo UK store, and there's both the Collector's Edition and standard edition available. The Collector's Edition includes the game, a 152-page artbook, a Shikishi art board, soundtrack CD, and a Legion Pin. The standard edition includes the pin as well! Grab your preorders here.


I hate how I cant buy stuff like this in the states. Go to preorder, oh we dont ship this to the usa

Argh! They get the collector's edition too? Why not us Nintendo America?!

Thu Jul 18 19 05:04am
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I wish these kind of editions would include the WHOLE soundtrack, that would make me buy one immediately, but a 'sound selection' disc is worthless.

Thu Jul 18 19 12:06pm
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a 'sound selection' disc is worthless

Exactly! You either don't like the music, so the sound selection is worthless to you, or you do like the music, so you want the WHOLE soundtrack.
At least the artbook is pretty nifty.


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