Digital Foundry - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on Switch Complete Tech Breakdown

A technical marvel?

An exclusive sequel on Switch as developed by Team Ninja. With full focus on Nintendo's machine you'd hope to see a finely optimised experience, but that's sadly not the case. Dynamic resolution and a sub-30fps read-out mar what's otherwise a solid hack and slash title.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


Disappointing, but I’ll put it on the list with Bloodstained and wait and see what they can do with patches.

Just hope Nintendo are working closely with Platinum on Bayonetta 3...

I think we should keep our eyes on Astral Chain because so far it looks great and based on it we could figure out how well Bayonetta 3 might look and play.

Oh I'll be getting Astral Chain day one, for sure. My eyes are fixated on that one. But I have a feeling that Ninty are working closer with team B3, really. I really want to see Platinm and Nin push everything out of the Switch. I know they can do it.

Heck! If the game looks as good as B2, I would be happy.


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