Pokemon Co. releases new info on the upcoming Pikachu Outbreak 2019 event

Bigger and better than ever before!

Pokemon Company has released a ton of new information on the upcoming Pikachu Outbreak 2019. Check out the details in the round-up below.

- Pokegenic is a series of “photogenic” Pokemon themed art pieces that are scattered all about the Minato Mirai Area
- visitors are encouraged to take photos with the art pieces
- locations for the art installments include Sail Training Ship Nippon Maru, MARK IS, & Navios Yokohama
- a “Stamp Rally” tie-in with Pokemon Sword & Shield will be available
- participants have to collect nine stamps featuring various Pokemon from Pokemon Sword & Shield
- those who collect three or more stamps can win an original wallpaper
- those with all nine stamps can enter a lottery for an original Pokémon Center merchandise gift set
- a “Become A Pikachu” promotion is being held at various facilities in Minato Mirai
- visiting these participating facilities while wearing Pikachu themed clothing or goods will grant you special benefits
- Pikachu Outbreak Performances will feature over 2,000 Pikachu mascots
- performances will be held in three different locations in Yokohama, from Tuesday, August 6th to Monday, August 12th, 2019
- performances include:

Minato Mirai Streets X Pikachu

Dressed in LED costumes, Pikachu will give a performance of light together with projection mapping, using the Yokohama Museum of Art as a backdrop. Enjoy the evolution of the Minato Mirai nightscape colored by the latest technology and created through light, sound, and Pikachu.

Venue: Grand Mall Park (in front of the Yokohama Museum of Art)
Timings: 7:10 PM~/8:35 PM~ (Performances on 8/9 (Fri) and 8/10 (Sat) will be at 8:35 PM only)

Minato Mirai Sea X Pikachu

A magical performance set against the nightscape of Yokohama Bay Bridge that weaves together Pikachu with fountains springing forth from the seas to the skies.Enjoy breathtaking views of the seas of Yokohama seen through colorfully illuminated fountains that change as Pikachu moves and the splashes they make!

Venue: Red Brick Warehouse Park
Timings: 6:55 PM~/7:50 PM~/8:45 PM~

Minato Mirai Forest X Pikachu

An awe-inspiring performance featuring the largest number of Pikachu in history, set against the nightscape of skyscrapers of Minato Mirai glittering beyond the green space. Pikachu emerge endlessly from the shadows of the trees of Rinko Park, their bounding figures giving Minato Mirai new impact.

Venue: Rinko Park
Timings: 6:55 PM~/7:50 PM~/8:45 PM~

- Pikachu and Eevee parades will feature a horde of Pikachu and Eevee marching along to a beat
- Pikachu Parades and Eevee Parades will be held at the following locations from August 6th to August 12th, 2019

Pikachu Parade
Venue: Nippon Maru Memorial Park
Timings: 6:55 PM~/7:50 PM~/8:45 PM~

Eevee Parade
Venue: Queen’s Square YOKOHAMA Queen’s Mall
Timings: 6:55 PM~/7:50 PM~/8:45 PM~

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