Parrot learns to mimic Switch menu noises

I wonder if he knows Yamamura...

I love animals of all shapes and sizes, but there's something really intriguing about parrots. I love watching them mimic noises from real life! There's just something so entertaining about it, and the parrot above takes the cake. This one has learned how to imitate noises that the Switch makes! Sounds like someone has been spending a lot of time sifting through the menus before they play!

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Heh, this sort of thing is why "parrot" as a verb means what it means.

Though the real reason pet parrots make these sounds is because they observe humans paying attention when these sounds play and the parrots are bored. They think that if they make these sounds, the humans will come over and give them attention. That's why they often imitate ringtones, doorbells/door knocking, alarms, alert noises, and, in this case, sounds a TV frequently emits.

I always feel bad for pet birds. Like let's take an animal used to flying miles a day and put it in a cage 24/7. At least you take a dog for a walk, and cats will inevitably get out on their own.


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