The Witcher showrunner explains her approach to choosing the cast

Picking the players

When you have a big franchise like The Witcher, there's going to be an extra level of scrutiny from die-hard fans. Everything will be picked apart, including who's been chosen to play the major roles. In an interview with Comicbook.com, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich explained how she approached the casting process.

"Yeah, you know we never cast with an eye to, it's like we don't cast with an eye to inclusion, we cast with anyone's welcome, come and prove yourself to us. In terms of The Witcher itself, I came at it from the very beginning that the continent is a huge place, and it's not our world.

I think when you watch it you'll see a lot of rules being bent in all different ways. I didn't really care so much about the color of people's skin, or their accents, or the color of their hair. To me, it was like do you embody this character? So, yeah, I also think it's really important, it's something that I talk to the author a lot about, talk to Andrzej about, which is that he specifically didn't specify the races of characters. I took that as a sign of approval that we could also cast as we wanted to cast."


Sun Jul 21 19 10:50pm
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She says that but their job postings said otherwise.

I’m guessing she thinks it’s better off saying that to avoid people complaining. After that terrible ign interview with Nintendo about diversity I don’t trust that people won’t feed you to the jackels if they can get you to say something they don’t like.


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