Nintendo releases statement on Switch Joy-Con drift complaints

A pretty standard statement

Following the filing of a class action lawsuit, Nintendo has released a statement concerning those experiencing Switch Joy-Con drift. Unfortunately, it's not going to be the statement some were looking for.

At Nintendo, we take great pride in creating quality products and we are continuously making improvements to them. We are aware of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not responding correctly. We want our consumers to have fun with Nintendo Switch, and if anything falls short of this goal we always encourage them to visit http://support.nintendo.com so we can help.

This is a pretty standard response from Nintendo, outside of them stating that they've heard the complaints. It will be interesting to see what further statements Nintendo releases as the class action lawsuit moves forward.

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Seems very ho-hum PR. This Class Action Lawsuit can't start moving in motion any faster..

The suit is not going to win. They have to prove Nintendo knowingly sold product that was defective.

Nintendo needs to develop a permanent fix and announce it to the world. And then Nintendo should announce the Joycon Fix Program where players can send their Joycon controllers in to be fixed for free or an affordable price.

Yep, that's certainly a PR statement.

Hey, they did address the issue like folks kept hoping, so there's that at least.

I assume they'll be pushed into offering repairs/exchanges + shipping and handling for free upon request, but I cant see them doing much else beyond that.

They addressed the issue in that they commented on it. Not exactly what most of us were hoping for though.

What bothers me the most is that Nintendo is known to make high quality components and this whole joycon fiasco is so unlike them. Hope they fix that issue and offer a way to replace the old joycons.

Mon Jul 22 19 07:35pm
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Was known. Long ago. It's been on a steady decline since production was moved to China.

Now they're in the public eye more than ever though, yeah, hopefully they can fix the issue and if the hardware needs straight up replacing; doing it at their own expense.

To my knowledge, this wasn't an in-house component, but one in China and bought in mass quantities. Chinese manufacturers are notorious for being dishonest about their build quality.

Hence, if you ask me, whose fault this really is depends on if the drift issues are coming from the components themselves (in which case it would be the Chinese manufacturer) or from its assembly into the Joy-Cons and such (in which case it would be Nintendo).

None of my 5+ friends have reported this drifting issue. Can anyone link me to multiple recent video evidence sources that confirms the issue? I'd also really appreciate it if there was video evidence examples of the issue before a Nintendo fix, and after if the issue persisted.

Tue Jul 23 19 07:11am
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There have been complaints made in the Switch subreddit almost daily for a year now. There are 100s and 100s of threads with people complaining. A recent one has over 25,000 upvotes. I myself had had to replace 2 because of drift. I do only use my Switch in handheld and a lot of people only/mostly play on their TVs using a pro controller so there are a lot who won't experience the issue.

There has been technical breakdowns of the joycons controllers and ALL the people that have conducted them have agreed there IS an actual defect in the sticks design. If you are interested in seeing this for yourself you can view this excellent imgur post that explains all you need to know. https://imgur.com/gallery/58bBc43

At this point, it is beyond doubt or "hearsay" that Nintendo is selling a defective product. The proof is all out there now. (hence why the class action lawsuit was brought about) I hope this helps you. Smile

Mon Jul 22 19 11:47pm
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Every single Xbox 360 controller I've owned (I've gone through 5) has eventually started drifting, where were the complaints there?

I'll tell you what happens. They charge you to fix them. I had to send in three.

Tue Jul 23 19 06:57am
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I've worked for a UK game retailer for several years, Never heard of anyone with drifting joycons outside of the internet.

Yet on a daily basis, Xbox and Playstation controllers were being returned due to faulty buttons, drifting, and connectivity issues.

I'm not in denial that some controllers have issues, but this cannot be the big deal that some make it out to be.

The few complaints I've heard it from are prolific Splatoon gamers that grind and grind the game (and must grind and grind the controller). This has been fixed with a can of compressed air.

Basically, quit complaining and wash your damn hands once in a while.

Simple solution: find better manufacturers for the analog sticks.


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