Doom Classic/II/III's Bethesda.net login was meant to be optional, and a fix is in the works

No need to be angry

Fans were furious to see that DOOM Classic/II/III required a Bethesda.net login before they could get into the action. We now know that you don't even need to use a legit email to bypass the login, but it's still one extra step some people don't want to go through. Turns out that Bethesda didn't even intend for players to login if they didn't want to. Here's what they shared on Twitter today.

The BethesdaNet login requirement was included for the Slayers Club, to reward members for playing the classic DOOM games. The login should be optional, and we are working on changing the requirement to optional now. We will update everyone when a fix is ready.

Good to know that the issue is going to be fixed moving forward, even if it's really not that much of a headache to begin with.

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I don't even care about this, but I honestly don't believe that it was a mistake. This just seems like PR speak for "Damn, we didn't expect this to blow up like it did, let's change it and pretend that it was a mistake."

Sat Jul 27 19 07:26pm
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Yep. 100% PR talk. I'd be even angrier if this was a bug. Since then you could actually say something for the lack of quality control at their point.

However this is in line with Bethesda right now. Just look at the mess that is Fallout 76. However they honestly do try to fix things, and Fallout 76 isn't that bad right now. That doesn't excuse them, in any way though.

Mistake or not, I might consider buying some of them now. (Definitely gonna get Doom 64 if it’s coming)


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