Switch Online members in Japan get access to Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's full game from Aug. 5th to 11th, 2019

Pay for Switch online, enjoy Captain Toad for free for 10 days!

Well this is a pretty unique offer, and quite exciting for the future of Switch Online. Nintendo is going to give Switch Online members in Japan the chance to enjoy Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for free!

From Aug. 5th to 11th, 2019, anyone in Japan with a Switch Online account can grab a special download version of the game that gives access to the entire experience, and it can be played as much/little as you want during that 7-day period. After Aug. 11th, 2019, the download will cease to work. In other words, you can grab the full game and enjoy it from start to finish without paying anything more than a Switch Online membership! It'll just vanish after Aug. 11th, 2019, so be ready!

Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up!


That super awesome! I hope they do this kind of thing around the world!

If its anything like the Famicom app. you should just be able to download it on a japanese account that resides on a switch with a paid online subscription from another region

Would that Japanese account need to be a part of the family plan?

from what I remember it having a single NSO account benefits all accounts on your switch. But I always threw my Japanese account on my family account anyways because we are a multi switch home.

No it doesn't work that way. If I have NSO and download the NES app, any profile on the system can play it just like how any profile can play any game I download.

But those other profiles aren't able to play online or upload cloud saves without NSO. They would need an individual membership or be on a family plan.

So my guess is you will be able to download Captain Toad if your Japan account has an individual NSO membership, or is part of a family plan.

Ah, my mistake D:

Might be worth investing in a family account for benefits then. Unless Nintendo is also planning on bringing this over to the west.

It's starting to be like Patreon. You pay a little and you get certain perks.

Tue Jul 30 19 07:02am
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Logged in.. just to dislike this

OK..I'll bite. Why is this a bad thing?

Because this is the internet :D

Yeah. A troll haven!

Oh well... Hope Ninty makes more deals like this. A damn fine reason to pay for it (apart from Tetris 99)

Tue Jul 30 19 12:13pm
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OK..I'll bite. Why is this a bad thing?

I think OP is believing Nintendo is doing this as a test as games as a subscription/streaming service. But also the subscription timeframe is a bit thin.

People always give Nintendo shit about being behind the times. Well game subscriptions/streaming are coming...

But is this steaming only? I might have read something else out of it.

Wed Jul 31 19 01:20pm
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Well Nintendo isn't doing streaming games because the internet infrastructure isn't in place worldwide for it, but they are researching and eventually they'll start running tests.

They definitely are in the position to try games as a subscription service now though and this free trial of the full version of Captain Toad deal is for those subscribed for Switch Online in Japan...

But is this Cpt. Toad version a streaming only game, or cn you DL the entire game?

Thu Aug 01 19 11:20am
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The entire game can be downloaded. I said Nintendo is not in the position to offer streaming at this time, but I wouldn't rule them testing game streaming at some point externally one day.

I interpreted it as either being frustrated that this is only happening in Japan or an act of trolling.

Is the game in Japanese? I have a Japan account and if you can just change the language this is great.


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