Super Mario Maker 2 hits 4 million courses uploaded, Nintendo shares a new stage

How many of them have you storming Area 51?

Nintendo has confirmed that 4 million courses have been created/uploaded for Super Mario Maker 2. That's a ton of user-created content to sift through! Some of those stages include ones created by Nintendo, like the one above. This stage in particular showcases the Super Hammer. Give it a try yourself by using the course ID XYK-9FY-CGG.


With this level of engagement, I'm sure there will be more to come from this game. New course parts are almost certain and will lead to even more interesting courses! I'll be very interested to see what new modes or features get added. It's unlikely, but some kind of online mode focused on making rather than playing could be really interesting.

Wed Jul 31 19 02:35pm
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I'd love to see more desert elements and enemies, like quicksand and pokeys. Also and water and sand geysers would be great.

I really do hope Nintendo’s own level designers continue to release more stages over time.

It’s be cool too for Nintendo to partner with 3rd party devs to promote their level creations.

Wait, is there a list of all stages that Nintendo has officially released?

Surely you can follow the maker account that new stage was uploaded with? Assuming they upload all new stages with that account.

I guess I had my stupid day today. XD

It happens to the best of us.


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