RUMOR - Universal may share Super Nintendo World info tomorrow, considering even more Nintendo attractions

It's a Nintendo world after all!

Universal is making a big announcement about their theme park in Orlando, Florida tomorrow, and sources close to the topic believe Super Nintendo World is going to be the cornerstone of this reveal. We're hearing that a third park is going to be announced, and Nintendo's attractions will be the major focus of what's showcased there. We won't have to wait long to find out if this inside info is true!

Those same inside sources claim that Universal has tentative plans for a lot more Nintendo-related attractions at their new park, but they want to see how the initial reaction to Super Nintendo World is in Japan and Florida. If things go well, Universal will green-light those projects and add them to the existing parks.

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Wed Jul 31 19 11:45pm
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Please announce anything that's not Mario. I'd take a Tomodachi Life attraction over having solely Mario ones.

Similarly, if the theme of this new park is going to be "epic" Nintendo has far more epic IP than Mario.

I can agree with that... Nintendo has enough properties to support an entire park. I want to see things like Zelda, F-Zero, and Animal Crossing.

Nintendo Land has proven that.

It needs to have more than Mario or Zelda.

It's probably gonna be Kirby

If Kirby Cafe came to Universal in Orlando, that would be enough for me.


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