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Lethal League Blaze optimization patch in the works

Fixes in the works
by rawmeatcowboy
04 August 2019
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Lethal League Blaze has been a bit of a rough experience on Switch, but hopefully things are going to get better. A dev team member has responded to complaints on Reddit, and they've shared news of optimization in the works, and also offered some suggestions for a better experience.

We are working on more optimization. As we are still new to this certification process I cannot currently tell you when that will reach you.

"Can run fine" is a bit of an overstatement. Many games, even first party titles, seem to release with some performance issues that get patched later. It takes a lot more work optimizing for the switch and release deadlines are relentless.

Here is what helps me in the mean time (really looking forward to better performance on my own switch):

Turning off flashes and screen shake. Playing room 21 in handheld mode. And playing docked. (better for wired online anyway)

I'll let you know when a patch has passed certification and is about to go live.