River City Girls' concept was conceived three years back

Took awhile to get off the ground

River City Girls has been attracting a lot of attention since its debut trailer, and rightfully so. It looks like a kick-ass beat'em-up that puts the women front-and-center. In an interview with Dtoid, River City Girls writer/director Adam Tierney explains that this game idea actually first started out three years ago.

We’ve been working on this game for roughly the past year-and-a-half, and I think the earliest concepts go back to almost three years ago, so it’s really exciting to finally unveil our game to the public. The reaction has been amazing — so many people seem to already love the game, and all the fanart has been incredible. I can’t wait until the full game is released and everyone can get their hands on it.


Fri Aug 09 19 06:20pm
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Not too surprising it took awhile. Beat em ups, although one of my favorite genres, is a relic of 80s and 90s gaming. Kids these days want their battle royals and rogue likes. Not much demand for this kind of game. Glad this one became a reality and that the reactions are good so far.

Some genres seem fit for a small release.

Platformers, sidescrolling and vertical shooters, metroidvanias can be both small or medium in scope.

I think hack n slash and Souls-like are the ones which pushed the beat em up aside on the console space.

I suppose a rogue-like beat em up could work, especially if it has diverging paths like in The Peacekeepers.

Absolutely. Double Dragon Neon had some rogue like aspects to it. I think it worked out well - good game.


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