Play-Asia adds a retail listing for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

More evidence for the pile

While we wait for Square-Enix to confirm a retail release for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on Switch, there has been plenty of evidence pointing to one. There was an ESRB rating and multiple retailer listings, and now Play-Asia has joined in with a listing as well. You can find listings for North America, European, Japanese, and Asian versions as of right now.


I'd rather have FF7 on a Switch cart for the massive amount of irony it would produce. But I think that is too much for Square Enix.

I really want to play this, but I have so much else I need to finish (including multiple other Final Fantasy games). I hope I can get around to it some day!

In fairness, they've done this for multiple other games that didn't end up with physical releases, including US versions of Oninaki, Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon, and Gunvolt Chronicles to name a few.

That said, a broken clock is right twice a day, and I'd like that to be the case here.

Mon Aug 12 19 06:43am
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Really hope this does infact get a physical release.
And that they release both FF7 & FF9 physically too.


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