Pokemon card auction pulls in $107k with a single lot

Gotta spend a lot

A lot of 103 Pokemon cards has just fetched $107,010 at auction, which could very well be the biggest monetary amount ever spent on the cards at one time. The collection comes in Gem Mint 10 condition, meaning you can't get a better rating. On top of that, the lot included a 1st edition Charizard, and holographic Alakazam, Blastoise and Chansey cards. For a collection of incredibly rare cards, $100k spent might actually be a steal!

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Hindsight, eh? This person must be laughing all the way to the Pokemon bank. That's major appreciation in value over such a relatively short period of time. Especially when you compare this to the traditional antiques market.

Well, things are worth as much as whatever price the buyer is willing to pay. If someone wanted to pay this much for these cards, then that is their value.

For the record, most of the Pokémon cards that sell for the highest are actually very NEW cards, specifically those needed in quantity for major tournament decks. It makes sense if you think about it: a collector only needs one, but a tournament player will likely need four. Once these decks fall out of use though, their value sinks like a rock, and with very few exceptions, never climbs back up.

*desperately checks Pokemon cards*
Anyway this pretty crazy. I wonder if it's the same group that's been trying to create a comic book like worth for video games that's bought these cards.

Now Jimmy dont open your brand new toy you got for christmas, It might be worth something 20 years from now.

Wed Aug 14 19 03:31pm
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If this set includes all 102 cards in the first BASE SET and they are all shadowless / 1st edition / PSA10 Graded then I am honestly not surprised. As these cards get older there will be fewer and fewer left at this quality as well.

The kids growing up with these cards are now to a point where they want their old set back for nostalgia. They now have good jobs and some (like this guy) are very well off. If he is rich he will buy the best because why not, and this set would be the best if they are all original shadowless 1st edition psa10 cards. Lucky guy.

For comparison, I bought the complete shadowless / 1st edition base set cards, 1st ed jungle set cards, and 1st ed fossil cards to get me the original 151 and also bought the next 1st ed neo sets to get me the original 251. This was 4/5 years ago and they were not PSA graded cards, but still cost me like $2,000 total. The 1st edition shadowless charizard card is always the most expensive one to buy. That alone cost me $500 back in the day and I believe goes for $2k or $3k now a days.


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