Indie World Showcase 8/19/19 - Full event recap

It's an indie world after all

We'll be keeping tabs on all of today's Indie World announcements in this post. Whatever is revealed/discussed will be added as a bulletpoint below.

- Risk of Rain 2 confirmed for Switch, and is due out Summer 2019. We already knew this was heading to Switch via a game rating we shared a few weeks back.

- Eastward from Chucklefish is on the way. It's about a young girl found in a secret underground facility. Set for release in 2020.

- Freedom Finger featuring Nolan North and John Dimaggio, is a shmup where you play as a giant finger-shaped spaceship. Levels are music-driven. Due out Fall 2019.

- Roki, a game about making friends with wild creatures, comes to Switch this Winter

- Torchlight II is coming to Switch on Sept. 3rd, 2019.

- Skater XL announced for Switch in 2020. The game has physics-based gameplay where no two tricks are the same.

- Youropa, a gravity-defying puzzle platformer, is coming to Switch in Winter.

- Superhot confirmed for Switch, and it launches later today.

- Dungeon Defenders: Awakened heading to Switch. It will be timed-console exclusive for Switch in Feb. 2020.

- The Touryst, from Shin'en, is revealed for Switch. It's set for Nov. 2019 release. The game features voxel-style graphics and has you adventuring through various dungeons while visiting an island for vacation.

- Skellboy heads to Switch, where you can swap body parts to create the ultimate bad-guy beater. Your goal is to reconquer the kingdom, which has been overrun. It's due out Dec. 3rd, 2019.

- Earth Night is coming to Switch, and it features a story where dragons have conquered the earth. You have to run along the backs of dragons to reach their heads and take them out. It's set for release in 2019.

- Hotline Miami Collection confirmed for Switch, and it's due out today.

- Blasphemous is due out Sept. 26th, Close to the Sun comes sometime in 2019, Cat Quest II is due out Fall 2019, Spiritfarer is coming Spring 2020, Trine 4 launches Oct. 8th, 2019, Creature in the Well comes out Sept. 6th, 2019, One Finger Death Punch 2 comes out Dec. 2nd, 2019, Best Friend Forever is set for launch on Feb. 14th, 2020, PHOGS! comes early 2020, What the Golf is launching this Winter, KINE hits the Switch in 2019, Hypercharge: Unboxed will launch sometime this year, Northgard comes Sept. 26th, 2019, Sparklite is lined up for Fall 2019, Munchkin: Quacked Quest comes Fall 2019.

- Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition confirmed for Switch. The game is due out Sept. 27th, 2019.

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Is Rawmeat the guy in Earth Night. Looks like him.

Great work on listing it all. Lots of games to dig through.

so many amazing Nindies games coming to Switch, me and my cousin wallet is crying with the possibilty of buying so many amazing games.

Most excited for Eastward! The Touryst, Creature in the Well, and Sparklite look beautiful too. Blasphemous reminds me of The Messenger.

Happy Birthday, RMC!


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