The original Monster Rancher is coming to Switch

Heading back to the ranch

The latest issue of Nintendo Dream magazine confirms that the original Monster Rancher game is going to make its way to Switch. The plan is to launch the game sometime this year in Japan. We don't have any details on what changes, if any, will be made with this port when compared to the original version.

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Dude... what? This is pretty wild, I remember renting this game. It was neat because you could get new monsters by taking out your PS1 disc and putting in another CD which the PS1 would read and generate a monster from! Completely stumped on how they could emulate that mechanic here.

Right?! I hope it has a solution to keep this mechanic.

the game would need to be a digital release and the way i see it, they could use the game carts to generate new monsters

There were gba monster rancher games. You used passwords for the monsters, but you were limited to a certain amount of characters. The higher up your ranking, the more characters you could use. Seems like the only way it could be used, i just don't know how easily it would be to go back and reprogram the game to implement that.

Can I get a HELL YES? Never mind, I'll provide my own.


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OMG I love (and miss) this series. Please come state-side, please come state-side (please revive the franchise).... what, a guy can dream!

Edit; on the disk replacement idea, the same thing was done on the DS with GBA carts, and it's possible the game could be made to allow swapping the cart too.

But even moreso, the game was actually designed in such a way (intentionally or not) that most all content can actually be gotten without CDs.


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