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City Connection announces Rom Cassette Collection series, Jaleco and Sun Corporation collections revealed

The retro game revival continues
by rawmeatcowboy
21 August 2019
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Turns out the recently-revealed Ninja JaJaMaru Collection from City Connection is part of a series of Rom Cassette Collection titles. Two more compilations are on the way, and they include Jaleco and Sun Corporation titles. While these haven't been confirmed for Switch yet, the Ninja JaJaMaru Collection is coming over, so it's likely these will as well. Check out what titles are included in these new collections below.


- Exerion (1983)
- Bio Senshi Dan: Increaser to no Tatakai (1987)
- Argus (1986)
- Rod Land (1990)
- Youkai Club (1987)
- Soldam (the unreleased Famicom version)

Sun Corporation

- The Wing of Madoola (1986)
- rAF WORLD (1990)
- Battle Formula (Super Spy Hunter in the west) (1991)
- Hebereke (1991)
- Other titles