GameStop adds another round of new SKUs for Switch software

Something in the works?

GameStop is up to something, as there's another round of new Switch software SKUs available in their computer systems. We usually see this kind of stuff happen in advance of announcements. I know there have been rumblings of a Sept. 2019 Direct, but nothing official at this time. I guess this will just add fuel to the fire!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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I'm betting this points to a Nintendo Direct next month. If so I can't wait to see all these games revealed.

That would be fun! Time to start getting my bingo card ready, I suppose!

Broly knows. Broly's not telling.

* may not actually know anything

Of course there will be a Direct next month. It has become normal by now, in a good way though =) And Bowser was really great from the get-go too.

Hmmz.. I'm a broken record here somewhat, but perhaps, since Astral Chain will be out by then, we'll get our Bayo 3 footage? What about Pikmin 4? And di Retro finish Eternal Darkness 2?

An real announcement of Pikmin 4 would make my year

Do we knoe wht Shiggy is up yo lately? Maybr he is working on his "pet project" ;)

So, if they do not announce Metroid Prime collection by September we can pretty much asume the “leak” was fake, right?

What "leak" was that? I'm having trouble keeping up these days.


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