Next episode of the Pokemon anime in Japan to reveal 'important global exclusive' news

What will it be?

Something big is going on with the next episode of the Pokemon anime in Japan. It's been announced that the Sept. 1st, 2019 episode of the anime is going to feature "important global exclusive" news, but no specifics were given. Whether this pertains to the anime, Pokemon Sword & Shield, or something else altogether remains to be seen.

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the global exclusive news is that ash will graduate pokemon school then move back to the big city for the sword/shield saga of the story still at 10 years old!

Ash is gonna die, Pikachu's gonna be the one to kill him, and Charizard will burn the Pokémon League because ~symbolism~.

As Ash finally becomes a champion, he'll wake up of his coma after the Spearow attack, only to realize the only Pokémon he's always had was Pikachu. Misty would be the only one of his friends present.

The Satoshi arc will end - and we will get a good protagonist for SwSh and Pikachus are forbidden from entering Galar due to the national dex ;)

Shame your joke doesn't really work, as a Pikachu and Raichu were shown in the first two trailers, eh...

Mon Aug 26 19 02:39pm
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The gist of it still comes though, as does the desire for a new protagonist after 20+ years of Ash Ketchum.

I hope most of you know by now that whenever Pokémon tries to hype up something, especially in the anime department, it is always a nothing burger.


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