Monolith Soft started an ''urgent recruitment drive'', positions include programmers and designers

Monolith Soft has started an urgent recruitment drive for a number of Tokyo Studio positions. These range from programmers, technical artists, designers and more. The studio, led by Tetsuya Takahashi, are seemingly well underway with their next project.

More information here!

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It's difficult to know who is growing faster, Monolith Soft or THQ Nordic. Hope we get to see one of their projects at E3 2020 ;)

Hopefully one of those projects is Xenoblade X 2. I've been replaying the original a ton lately, and a follow-up with that same speedy battle system is necessary to feed my rekindled addiction.

I need to get around to finishing that one of these days... but with the online stuff no longer possible, is the game still as enjoyable?

Mon Aug 26 19 12:49pm
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I personally enjoy single player more than anything else, but...

It's still online, but missing the Miiverse things, which is probably one reason a port is taking so long other than integrating everything into one screen.

So you can still find random avatars out in the wild for division support and recruit others to get medals. You can also still fight Yggralith...it just takes a bit longer to get the world enemy status complete so you can fight it.

Now that I think about it, there's still a fairly robust community playing the game.

Nice image selection there Monolith. Epic fight scenes, explosions of magical energy... and Nia in the hot springs. X3


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