Nintendo wants to deliver new gameplay experiences and exceed Zelda: Breath of the Wild with its sequel

Lofty goals

Nintendo is currently hard at work creating the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. What's Nintendo's goal for the game? Well that's a simple question to answer. According to a Nintendo internal interview, they just wanted to exceed the previous game in all ways possible.

At the present time we cannot comment much about the game, but we wish to deliver new gameplay experiences that exceed the previous game to fans and users, so we will have to borrow the strength of many people to create this new title. Hence the reason why we are hiring new terrain designers at Nintendo.


Mon Sep 09 19 10:05pm
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If we get more traditional dungeons and a few classic items back, I'll be over the Moon!

Wed Sep 11 19 12:23am
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Yeah, I want more traditional items that you collect throughout the whole adventure rather than getting them all in the first hour. I know that would come at the cost of how open the game is, but that's fine. You can mark your map and fast travel back to an area that requires that item later.

Mon Sep 09 19 10:52pm
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"New terrain designers" sounds like maybe we won't be exploring the same Hyrule in the sequel. That's exciting to me!

Terrain designers are what Nintendo call environmental designers, I wouldn't necessarily say that means it will be a new Hyrule.

What if it's like Tooie and it's the same and at the same time, not.

I would argue Tooie is completely different, the game's just share the starting area which is edited heavily.

Yeah, it's a different game, but it ties nicely with the original. Most games change old areas for the most part being more similar than identical. In Tooie it looks identical in terms of geography.

In regards to Breath of the Wild 2, I think they'll condense the map to make it more dense, and probably add a new one on top of that to keep the discovering going.

You're right, but paired with the idea that they want to "deliver new gameplay experiences", I certainly hope it does.

So much potential! Man this can be damn good.

Just don't get rid of the flying machine. I don't care if it was unintended- to me it is just as much a part of BOTW as anything else.

What flying machine?

If I die before this game comes out I'll be incredibly disappointed.

Lofty goals

RMC confirms Loftwing and Skyloft return!

Just a few things off the top of my head I'd like to see, a return of traditional dungeons. It can be a mix of Shrine types but I want there to be traditional dungeons too. The ability to walk under water and all that entails. A comprehensive fishing game, like in Twilight Princess. 🎣

Maybe subterranean caves and areas to explore. I don't think there were any in BOTW, unlike OOT, MM and TP. It could just me being forgetful. Maybe scrap the weapon breaking mechanic and come up with a new idea.

I don’t mind weapon’s breaking but I’d like to see the ability to buy or craft your favorite weapons!
That would also give more use to the crap you collect along the way.

I too dont mind weapons breaking, but the master sword should be unbreakable.
Also, forging weapons would be really coool, and more classic items. I missed the hookshot and musical instrument

Like others have said above, bring back the dungeons! That was my only complaint about BoTW. I was expecting each of the beasts and final boss to be dungeons, not slightly larger puzzles.


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