Nintendo wins court case, UK internet providers must block access to websites that enable Switch game piracy

Nintendo has been in an ongoing battle against piracy, and just recently, they won a case in a UK court that makes it so that UK ISPs must now block access to websites which enable Switch game piracy. Following the case, Nintendo issued the following statement to Eurogamer:

Today, the UK High Court found the sale and distribution of 'circumvention' devices for the Nintendo Switch unlawful.Nintendo is pleased that the UK High Court has confirmed that dealing in devices or software that enable piracy on Nintendo Switch systems is unlawful. This decision will help protect the UK games industry and the more than 1800 developers worldwide that create games for the Nintendo Switch platform, and who rely on legitimate sales of games for their livelihood and to keep bringing quality content to gamers.

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Not surprising Nintendo won in the UK. They don’t understand how the internet works over there what with them trying to age-gate all porn sites and all.

They also censor any comedy that shows Parliament in a humorous way, technically making their entire operation invalid.

In their defense - footage of actual Parliament is already comedy gold.

Wow...Nintendo won a case that was not suppose to be won to begin with...wow.

How would this even be enforced? Pirate sites, by their very nature, are low-profile and easy to create. All the UK ISPs would be slaying hydras all day and all night.


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