RUMOR - Punch-Out!! Wii's Sailor Moon Easter Egg cost Nintendo and Next Level Games millions, and got people fired

Well that's a crazy situation

If you follow along with the Boundary Break series, which is totally worth your time by the way, you'll have hopefully seen the episode on Punch-Out!! Wii. All kinds of fun things were discovered about the game, including a Sailor Moon Easter Egg that is near impossible to see when you're playing the game regularly.

Turns out there's a whole story in an of itself behind the Sailor Moon Easter Egg, and it's a crazy one. The Easter Egg would end up costing Nintendo and Next Level Games millions, and even got some Next Level Games' employees fired. That's the word from an unnamed source who was very close to the project.

Make sure to check out the video above for the full details on this insane behind-the-scenes story!


OOF! I remember watching that Boundary Break episode when it was posted on GoNintendo, but man if the license costed that much, then they might as well just made the book cover visibly clear that it's Sailor Moon, and maybe even have the Sailor Senshi/Scouts visible in the audience (hanging out with Donkey Kong)! 🌙🦍✨

I'm now curious if the Sailor Moon manga is still in the Wii U port.

doesn't sound like it is

Wow that sucks. I wonder if this is part of the reason why we haven't gotten a Punch-Out!! follow up especially considering it sold a million copies and is one of the best games on the Wii.

Nintendo really made it seem like they were building the franchise back up to be a reocurring series with the revival, the Doc Louis Club Nintendo tie-in, and Little Mac in Smash. Even one of the producers at Next Level said they would love to make a follow up and then it never happened..

Someone in the comments pointed out it almost seems like Piston is just this weirdly cursed character. First they had to change his name to "Hondo" to avoid legal issues with the Honda car company, and now he's the character some random artist decided to give copyrighted material the devs and publisher had no license to at the time and possibly resulted in a loss in jobs and money.

Even if true it doesn't look like it hurt Nintendo and Next Level's relationship at all given they later gave them the reigns to Luigi's Mansion, with the upcoming third game looking to be a great combo of the best elements of the original and the second game.

Was it ever confirmed that was the reason? I never heard anyone say it officially, just people speculating. Also Honda is legitimately a Japanese surname so I don't understand why they'd have to tread carefully at all let alone change the name.

"Honda" by itself is fine. Viz's translation of Yu-Gi-Oh! uses the original Japanese names, for instance, and they used Tristan's Japanese's family name of Honda without a problem.

I think the issue comes in how the word "Piston" is used with "Honda," which is where it starts treading into trademark issues.

If I was one of the artists who created Sailor Moon I would be damned honoured for this easter egg, really. But the suits are the suits...

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I don't really believe that. I do believe a manager would guilt and fire someone because absolute power to do that is the norm ( even more in northern america )
If there was a reprint due to it, just buy a few sealed US and Eur copies and check , it should be easy enough. And a good live stream opportunity.
It's doubtul they only contacted bandai and not the original author/ book publisher. Since they used their work on top of infringing on bandai licensing agreement.
I don't think the printing cost would be that high also. It's all accounting money anyway, heck it might have been just a tax opportunity.
I am sure someone could check the staff over the years.
just my opinion of course

Wow this is super interesting. I had never heard this before. It is crazy that something you cannot even see in the game would cost so much. How would anyone have even known if they just kept quiet? lol


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