Marvel Team-Up #5 shows off Ms. Marvel's fondness for Pikachu

Looking marvelous!

I've been meaning to show this one off for a couple weeks now, but I kept forgetting! Marvel Team-Up #5 features Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel working together to put the hurt on some bad guys, but it can't be all work and no play. For part of the story, Ms. Marvel makes her way to arcade for some Skee-ball action.

While nothing is ever said about Pokemon in the issue, we do get to see Ms. Marvel wearing a tribute to the series. As you can see in the panels above, Ms. Marvel is wearing a rather stylish Pikachu hat! This isn't the first time Ms. Marvel has referenced the Nintendo side of gaming either!

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Pointless pandering to “nerd culture”

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" - Sigmund Freud

Sat Sep 21 19 10:11pm
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But this is a comic book....then it would be nerd culture pandering to nerd culture.....

Is that guys mutant power looking like a Picasso painting


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